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Book Two of The Oxford Chronicles

expectations 2_3.jpg

New edition: December 12, 2023 | Freiling Publishing

ISBN: 979-8989301317


An unforgettable tale of dreams pursued in Tolkien’s Oxford and romantic Paris. A beautiful autumn
afternoon in 1965 finds Kate, David, Austen Holmes, and Yvette Goodman each on their way to the
Eastgate Hotel to meet the others. Kate has just learned that she is pregnant. Yvette is struggling with
her single status as her twenty–ninth birthday nears. Austen quickly pays a brief visit to the grave of
his young wife. David is bursting with the good news that he has been invited to spend the winter
term as a visiting lecturer at the American University in Paris.

They all have longings, hopes, and dreams. Will God provide as they trust He will, or is His plan for
each of them something far beyond their expectations?

A Word from the Author

“Although this novel is a work of fiction, as with Inklings the first volume of The Oxford
Chronicles, I have made every attempt to be as historically accurate as possible, particularly in
regards to stories associated with J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and the Inklings. In Expectations the
Tolkiens appear as actual characters, and their opinions and stories are based on information gleaned
from Tolkien’s biographies. Having had the privilege of living in Paris as a teenager, I took many of
the descriptions of that amazing city from my girlhood diary, letters, and memories. Expectations
emerges as a more complex character study as our protagonists face life’s most difficult challenges
and walk through them by God’s grace. I hope that it will be a blessing, comfort, and inspiration to
--Melanie M. Jeschke, author of Expectations

Editorial Reviews

“Expectations is a very uplifting and fascinating book that you will not be able to put down. Mrs.
Jeschke has a way of writing that will have you believing you are actually watching the story unfold.
Each character truly brings this book to life. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to read
an inspirational romance.”
—The Romance Reader’s Connection

“The author has done a splendid work with dialogue, and narrative. As I read the words I can hear in
my mind that lovely English accent. And although the author provides an interesting and lengthy
glossary at the beginning of the book, one does not need it to understand what is happening. Also, Ms.
Jeschke is unafraid of adverbs! This was so refreshing for this reviewer, considering that most
authors abbreviate their work in their desperate fear of this part of language. Ms. Jeschke takes
precious time to tell her story, and doesn’t hesitate to treat us to some beautiful writing. I highly
recommend this novel to any believer who appreciates excellent literature. I guarantee that the story
line and the characters will minister to your heart and soul.”
—Christian Fiction Reviewer


Reader Reviews


“Once again, Melanie Jeschke brings joy to her readers! Expectations is every bit as enchanting as   
Inklings, with memorable characters and a warm, engaging story. If you haven’t yet read a Jeschke
story, ‘expect’ to be entertained!”
—Loree Lough, author of Heartsong Presents novels

“Yesterday Expectations arrived, so I hurried up to finish the last pages of Inklings so I could start
the new one. Well, I stayed up until after 1:00 AM to finish it. It was a lovely book. Your books are a
good guide for young people to keep themselves pure before marriage and reinforce the commitment
of marriage even in times of trouble. It is good to see someone offering Christian values. Blessings
and thanks again.”
—Audrey, a missionary nurse in Togo

“Beautiful, holy things come to light through the relationships in Melanie Jeschke’s books.
Expectations is a ride through the territory of the heart, alternately warming us and carrying us to the
brink of despair. In its most poignant moment, it carries a welcome reminder that there is a God who
speaks tenderly to His children in real time. I consider these works a gift to the church in a day when,
for many, a story often lands with more impact than a sermon.”
—David Bruce Linn, Pastor–Teacher, English Road Alliance Church

“Once again, Melanie Jeschke catches the atmosphere of Oxford in the 1960’s. Combined with a
beautifully written romantic story, it makes a wonderful read.”
—G.J. Oxford

“Melanie Jeschke’s Expectations continues the charming treat started with Inklings and Intentions.
Readers familiar with those novels, as well as new Jeschke fans, will delight in delving deeper into the
loving relationship of David and Kate MacKenzie, as they experience the excitement of life in Paris and
the very real struggles of new marriage and possible parenthood.”
—Trish Perry, Editor of Ink and the Spirit, author of The Guy I'm Not Dating

“With this second book, Expectations, Melanie writes about things she knows to the depths of her
being: family, parenthood, loss. And it works on multiple levels, lifting it beyond the simple category
of ‘romance’ and into the sphere of A Grief Observed. Anyone who has struggled with loss will find
themselves touched by this story.”
—Sarah Arthur, author of Walking through the Wardrobe and Dating Mr. Darcy (Tyndale)

“These books were wonderful. I spent five years living in England near Cambridge, and was able to
travel to Paris and a few other places in England. Although I did not make it to Oxford, both the
Inklings and Expectations books took me there. In Expectations it took me back to Paris, which I
really enjoyed visiting. I loved the tidbits of information on Lewis and Tolkien. I hope and look
forward to the author writing more books in the series.”

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