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Oxford Chronicles Character List

The MacKenzie Family


Annie Little MacKenzie     (b. Aug 16, 1920, Charlottesville, Virginia), wife of Eric,
                               mother of seven MacKenzie children, younger sister of
                               Jeff Little.

Eric MacKenzie      the Reverend Eric Richard MacKenzie (b. July 31, 1917,
                            Gairloch, Scotland),
husband of Annie, father of seven
                             MacKenzie children, Rector of St. Aldate’s Church, Oxford.

David MacKenzie    né David Lawrence (b. Dec 13, 1940) oldest son of Eric
                             and Annie, husband of Kate, father of baby Jeffrey, Fellow
                             of Magdalen College,
Oxford,founder of Inklings Society.

Kate MacKenzie    née Katherine Lee Hughes (b. June 26, 1944, Richmond, Va.)
                            wife of David, mother of Jeffrey, graduate of William
                            and Mary College and the University of Oxford.

Ginny MacKenzie    née Virginia Anne (b April 10, 1944) oldest daughter
                             of Eric and Annie,
nurse at St. Bartholomew’s, London, dating
                             David’s Cambridge roommate, Dr. Kevin Ryan.

Natalie MacKenzie   née Natalie Marie (b. March 18, 1946, age 21) second daughter
                             of Eric and Annie,
graduate of the University of Oxford
                             dating Lord Stuart Devereux.

William MacKenzie  né William Jeffrey (b. Feb. 4, 1949) fourth child of Eric and Annie.

Richard MacKenzie   né Richard Eric (b. Aug. 29, 1952) fifth child Eric and Annie.

Mark MacKenzie      né Mark Cameron (b. Aug. 8, 1954) sixth child Eric and Annie.
Hannah MacKenzie  née Hannah Joy (b. Aug 9, 1961) seventh child of Eric and Annie.

Jeffrey MacKenzie   né Jeffrey Thomas (b. Feb 14, 1967) baby of David & Kate.                  

“Davey” MacKenzie  né Richard David MacKenzie, husband of Maggie, father of Eric.

“Maggie” MacKenzie   née Margaret Cameron, wife of Davey, mother of Eric.

Fatbug” MacKenzie   né William, Eric’s uncle, a fisherman and caddy at St.Andrews.

Aunt Slim MacKenzie   née Margaret, Fatbug’s wife, Eric’s aunt, lives in Anstruther.

Bob & Marilyn          Eric’s cousin and his wife, the lighthouse keepers of Rua Reidh.

Friends of the MacKenzies

Connie Bennet    Kate’s American 
friend and suite mate at St. Hilda’s. Dates
                         and later marries Nigel Elliot.

Nigel Elliot         Oxford student of David MacKenzie. Dates and marries
                         Kate’s friend Connie.

Austen Holmes    (b. May 28, 1938) friend of David and husband of Yvette,
                        Fellow of Merton College, University of Oxford. Son of Elinor
                        Holmes. Twin brother of Dianna McAdams who is married to
                        Andrew McAdams of Castle Combe. Andrew was the 
                        of Austen’s first wife, Marianne McAdams. Andrew and
have three sons: Robby, Jack, and Michael.

Yvette Goodman Holmes   (b. Oct. 14, 1936) née Yvette Goodman, friend of
            David and  wife of Austen, daughter of Molly and James
                        Goodman of  London, Fellow of St. Hilda’s College,
University of Oxford. Yvette has four brothers: two older---
                        Adam & Ben and two younger---Gerrard & Jake.

Kevin Ryan       Cambridge roommate of David, dating David’s sister Ginny
                         a resident doctor at St.Bartholomew’s, London

The Devereux Family

Stuart Devereux    né Lord Stuart Winston Spencer Devereux, Viscount
                         Devereux (b. May 31, 1943) heir and son of
                         Charles Stuart Spencer Devereux, Earl of Essex, and
                         Elaine, Lady Devereux, Countess of Essex, graduate of
                         the University of Oxford, dating Natalie MacKenzie.

Clementine       (“Clemmie”) Lady Fitzwilliam, wife of Edward, Earl of
                        Carlisle, older sister of Stuart Devereux, mother of
                        Teddy and Spencer, mistress of Carlisle House, Yorkshire.

The Little Family

Jeff Little         né Jeffrey Lawrence Little (b. March 30, 1919), elder brother of
                        Annie, American student at Magdalen College, Oxford.

Annie Little     (see MacKenzie above)

Others Characters from Inklings and Expectations

Charlotte Mansfield   former fiancee of David MacKenzie, Research fellow
                                  of Cambridge University.

The Hughes Family

Debbie Hughes           Kate's younger sister
Helen Hughes            Kate's mother, a violinist
Kate Hughes             (see MacKenzie)
Scott Hughes             Kate's teen-aged brother
Timmy Hughes          Kate's little 
brother, has Down Syndrome
Tom Hughes              Kate's father, a lawyer

Twila Hurst
Colin Russell

Somerville girls:
Lady Lucille Bertram  (Lucy)  Friend of Stuart   
Lydia Price

                Mr. Croft                 Tudor History professor at Christ Church
Dr. Charles Palmer    President Magdalen College


Mrs. Bingley           David’s landlady
            Collins                    Devereux 
butler in London
          Crawford                 Devereux 
butler in Essex
                   Mrs. Dalrymple        Magdalen President’s secretary
      George                   Porter at Christ Church

Evasions Characters in Scotland

Laurene Kilmorey  (b.1921) daughter of the 
laird, Lord Kilmorey, Earl Kellie of
   (pronounced "Lar-reen")       Kilmorey House, Kingsbarns, Scotland, loves Eric   

Peter Kilmorey     (b. 1918) Laurene’s older brother, later marries Catherine

Lord & Lady Kilmorey -- Earl and Countess Kellie, parents of Laurene and Peter

Fiona McPherson    
maid to Laurene

Mrs. McPherson    mother to Fiona, Kilmorey House cook

John                     Kilmorey House butler

Evasions Characters in Greater London

Roger L. Green   Jeff’s friend from Oxford, an actor in Peter Pan
                          (see historical characters, below)

Peggy Myers        Annie’s flatmate and a nurse whom Jeff likes

Betty Purcell       Annie’s flatmate and a nurse who works with her at Dunkirk       

June Brown         Annie’s flatmate and a nurse who dates a doctor

Dr. Henry Benson  (“Harry”), doctor who dates June and advises Annie

PO Ian McLeod      Eric’s RAF buddy, a Scot

Historical characters

Roger Lancelyn Green    a student and later close friend of C.S. Lewis, also an Inkling
                                      (see London characters, above)

Jack Lewis           né Clive Staples Lewis (b. Nov 29, 1898, Belfast, Ireland)
                            Fellow of the University of Oxford, Christian author.

Warnie Lewis      né Warren Hamilton (b. June 16, 1895, Belfast, Ireland)
                           elder brother of C.S. Lewis.

Mrs. Moore          née Janie King (b. March 23, 1872, Ireland) “adopted
                            mother” of C.S. Lewis mother of “Paddy” Moore (killed in
                            WWI) and Maureen.

Maureen Moore     (b. Aug 19, 1906, Ireland) daughter of Janie Moore,
                            “adopted sister” of C.S Lewis,  married Leonard Blake
                            on Aug 27, 1940.

Fred Paxford        faithful gardener and caretaker of the Kilns, home of
                           C.S. Lewis.

J.R.R. Tolkien     John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (b. Jan 
3,1892, Bloemfontein, South Africa)
                            Professor of English Literature at Oxford University, Christian
                            author of The Lord of the Rings, an 
and friend of
                            C.S. Lewis, married to Edith.


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