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Book Three of The Oxford Chronicles

ISBN13: 978-0-7369-1678-3
ISBN10: 0-7369-1678-4
Release Date: August 01, 2006


From the links of St. Andrews, Scotland, to the blitz of London in World War II, RAF         
pilot Eric MacKenzie embarks on a dark journey of the soul as he battles the Nazis, personal
loss, and bitterness. Evading the bombing raids and her own distressing realizations,
American nurse Annie Little finds refuge and renewed faith at the Kilns, home of C.S.Lewis.
Eric and Annie reveal their turbulent love story decades later when their daughter Natalie
and Lord Stuart Devereux seek wisdom for their own future.

Unforeseen tragedy, unplanned pregnancy, and undermined faith lead to hope, commitment,
and restoration in this compelling prequel to Inklings and Expectations, that will enthrall romance readers, history buffs, and devotees of Lewis and Tolkien alike.

A Word from the Author

"Although Evasions is a work of fiction, the historical events in this book--- set during
the early days of WWII and the Battle of Britain---are as accurate as I could make them after
scouring letters of C.S Lewis and  J.R.R. Tolkien, reading eye-witness accounts of the period,
interviewing survivors, and watching numerous documentaries. Real people experienced much of
what  my fictional characters go through in these pages with the exception of the romance, which
likely also occurred somewhere to someone! I was so thrilled to discover that time and again fact
did intersect with fiction. I hope my readers will not only enjoy this story, but will also gain an
appreciation for the brave men and women of “the greatest generation” who endured so much for
the cause of liberty—particularly during the dark days of the Battle of Britain."
---Melanie M. Jeschke, author of Evasions

Editorial Reviews
“Step back in time and enjoy an enriching tale of Oxford, C.S. Lewis, and the characters Melanie
Jeschke brings to life—you will feel as if you know them personally. Reminiscent of Jan Karon’s
books, you will be enchanted with the story and enriched by the truths tucked in along the way. This
love story weaves around the people, places, and histories that have shaped our lives. I have loved all
three books of the Oxford Chronicles and hope there is a fourth to come.”
—Ruth Graham, daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham, author of Legacy of Love  
and I'm  Pregnant: Now What?

“Melanie Jeschke's meticulous period research is integrated seamlessly into a gripping and delightful
yarn of love, faith, and loss set during the horror and terror of war. Playing a small but important part
in the central story, C.S. Lewis and his immediate circle in Oxford come to vivid life.”
—Colin Duriez, author of Tolkien and C. S. Lewis: The Gift of Friendship
and A Field Guide to Narnia

“I am so thankful for the way Melanie Jeschke has created a union of absorbing storytelling,
pertinent history, and spiritual insight. The themes of grace and redemption are the fundamental notes
around which the lives of the characters—who are fast becoming our friends—develop. This
third volume of The Oxford Chronicles packs an additional zinger, namely, the chance to experience a
little chat with C.S. Lewis as if one were really there. Totally believable!”
—David Bruce Linn, Pastor–Teacher at English Road Alliance Church

"Melanie Jeschke again shows that her attention to detail and historical fact enriches a touching and
beautiful story."
---G.J., Merton College, Oxford


Reader Reviews


"I finished Evasions yesterday and LOVED it!!  I could not put it
down and have now passed it on to my mom to read.  You are such an amazing
storyteller.  I feel so connected to all the characters!  I can't wait to see what you create next!!"
---Meghan McCarthy, New Jersey

"I finished Evasions last night-it was AWESOME!!!!! I had to make myself space out my reading
time and not devour it all at once. So, along with it, I have been reading Humphrey Carpenter's    
biography of Tolkien...I am praying that your book sells well, and that there will be more in the    
---Amy Cook, Tennessee

"I received my copy of Evasions yesterday in the mail!  Started it around 4pm and finished it
today around today at 3pmish... Couldn't put it down and really, really enjoyed it... Loved the
pre-quel part.... great story ...Now, my question is... are there more sagas/books in The Oxford    
Chronicles?  Please say YES! Melanie - you truly are talented... I hope you keep the writing juices
flowing in the MacKenzie tale   Also, LOVED the touches of Yvette Goodman as a child being
helped by Annie - and bringing each family in to give it the reality of the time/space, etc. LOVED
it. Thank you for writing such a great series."
---Carrie Kimball, Louisiana 

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